Musée du Chocolat coordination for Enchanted Event

Credit goes to Marie Tuonetar

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but can we talk about kirigiri

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i found this at a school i went to for a band related activity

How did you do in P.E. today ?

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~ by mery
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist

Nanami: You have that wrong… Komaeda-kun. Stupid… Huff!
Komaeda: Hm?
Komaeda: Cute…
Nanami: Hey…!

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i cant really make an immediate comeback….my classes are outta control…gotta finish high school with strength. 

but heres nepeta….in super stylized clothing…..with super stylized anatomy…just a doodle since i had the time….

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Armin is done with your shit, while Annie has none to give.

I had to do this one because the amount sass was incredible. I want to become this screenshot somehow.

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To people who followed me for one specific fandom, I am so so sorry

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Perfectly Imperfect

What am I even doing here?

Just a shitty blog for my own amusement.
If you dare to follow anyway, don't be afraid to send messages, asks, whatever keeps you rocking.
Need advice? Someone to listen? Or just fun? Please don't be shy.

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