roll the dice; let’s see what happens 

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What?! Me, obsessed, with a fictional character?! Pfft!
*opens closet to reveal shrine to favorite character*
No one shall ever tear us apart, my sweet.

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when someone associates you with a character you really really love it’s like the best feeling in the world everyone go home

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Source: Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Comic Anthology vol. 4

Artist: ぶんこ (Bunko)

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Perfectly Imperfect

What am I even doing here?

Just a shitty blog for my own amusement.
You will find a lot of Dangan Ronpa here.
If you dare to follow anyway, don't be afraid to send messages, asks, whatever keeps you rocking.
Need advice? Someone to listen? Or just fun? Please don't be shy.

Also please let me know if you want me to tag something!

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